February 16, 2018

The Plot

A dark power has risen out of the Aegean.

Altering the wondrous technologies of their ancient race, the island nation of Kaptara has grown warlike. Their vast armada of bronze ships sweep all who oppose them into the sea, leaving nothing but destruction and despair in their wake.

The once proud city of Athens stood alone in open defiance and was brought to its knees. Now, year in and year out, the dwindling population must pay a terrible price. Each Spring, fourteen young men and women are chosen by lot and sent to Kaptara as a sacrifice to a ravenous Kaptari god – The Earthshaker.

Theseus, son of the king, chooses to take his place among the offering. Armed only with his father’s sword, the young warrior plots revenge against those who would destroy his people. But a shadowy secret lies hidden beneath the soil of Kaptara. A curse placed upon the royal house of Minos has instead been hailed as a god, and as they wander the dark, ever-changing halls of the Labyrinth, it is this bloodthirsty abomination that hunts the Athenians: neither fully man, nor beast, nor god, but all three in one. The Minotaur. The curse of mighty Kaptara. And the seed of its doom.