February 16, 2018

The Location


A bright beacon of progress amidst the barbarism that ruled the ancient world, the proud city of Athens was the birthplace of western philosophy and ethics — the foundation of modern civilization. Now, after years of war with the Kaptari naval machine, Athens teeters on the brink of utter destruction. Struggling for survival and slowly being bled of its youth, the future of the city lies in the untried hands of their future king, the Crown Prince, Theseus.

KaptaraKaptara matte painting

It is said that the gods themselves founded Kaptara— a lush, utopian civilization full of wondrous machines. The people were free from want and the great herds wandered free. But they are the last of the peoples of the Brazen Age, and their own history has fallen into legend. Now the Holy Aurochs are all but extinct and the people have grown arrogant and bold, perverting the ancient technologies
to become a great naval power, bent on world domination.

The LabyrinthEntrance to the Labyrinth of Kaptara

Known by the people of Kaptara as The Great Temple, the Labyrinth is the engine that powers the machines of the island. The moving and twisting halls within were not designed to keep prisoners, only to aid in the construction process. But this knowledge has been lost to the Kaptara people, and the mystery of the ever-changing corridors has led to a belief in its supernatural origins. Desperate, Minos has trapped the abominable Minotaur in the inescapable Labyrinth, and allowed the cult of the Earthshaker to take root. Every year, human sacrifices
are made to the god within, and none who enter this Stygian maze have
ever returned to daylight.